Our Services

Crossroads Chiropractic & Acupuncture offers many different modalities to get you to your optimal health.

-Chiropractic care - Holistic chiropractic exam and treatment, offering traditional style adjusting or low force (no 'popping' of joints), which is best for infants and the aging. We assess patients head-to-toe, looking at the body as a whole, and we incorporate extensive muscle work into every treatment allowing adjustments to hold longer, healing the patient quicker. We also send every patient home with a few exercises or stretches to further enhance the healing effect.

-Acupuncture - Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture and meridian therapy, typically using disposable needles on the body, each treatment is finished with laser/microcurrent auriculotherapy. Needle-less acupuncture is also available using Class III therapeutic cold laser.

-Ionic Detox Foot Bath - This technique of detoxification works great during any type of detoxing or decreasing inflammation. It stimulates the body own detox systems including the lymphatic system, improving most conditions related to toxicity and/or inflammation, and also conditions like toe/finger-nail funguses, ingrown toenails, etc.

-Auriculotherapy - The entire body and meridian system is holographically represented on each ear. This laser/microcurrent treatment is a quick, painless way to get acupuncture.

-Therapeutic Massage - Our two massage therapists, Kathleen Kane and Autumn Moran, have over 30 years of collective service, offering athletes, manual laborers, desk jockies, and the otherwise chronically tight individuals relief of tight muscles and fascia.

-Lymphatic Massage - This style of massage is indicated for those with compromised immune function or with chronic swelling or infection.

-Cranial-Sacral Technique - This low force technique will balance your energy and perhaps offer insight or guidance to your life. Great for migraines, head injuries, concussions and much more.

-Adrenal Balancing - This energy technique helps balance the adrenal glands and the whole endocrine system. This is great for those with adrenal fatigue or any endocrine imbalance.

-Cold Laser Therapy - CLT is a gentle way to heal injured tissues, including but not limited to muscles, ligaments, tendons, bone fractures, and bruises, the nervous system, and dysfunctional organs. Our lasers can penetrate up to 6 inches for deep healing, and is a powerful tool to decrease inflammation and increase mitochondrial function causing any tissue type to heal quicker by boosting cellular energy.

-Nutritional Counseling - "You are what you absorb." Your body can only heal and thrive if you give it the proper tools of nutrition, digestion, and elimination. We identify the weakest link in this digestive chain and offer dietary and lifestyle changes to correct the dysfunction. Click here for more info.

-Blood Chemistry Testing - We use blood testing (in conjunction with other body chemistry) to assess organ function and overall health. By identifying and naturally supporting dysfunctional organ systems, health is restored, thus decreasing the need for medications if not eliminating them. The best thing about using nutrition and herbal therapy is no more nasty side effects from synthetic chemicals and longer lasting improvement on overall health. Click here for more info.

-Food Intolerance Testing - Through blood testing we can identify exactly what food(s) trigger inflammation in your body. Low level chronic inflammation is now know to be the hot bed for most chronic diseases that plague our country, i.e. cancer, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune conditions, diabetes and other blood sugar problems, hypercholesterolemia, rheumatoid, psoriatic and other forms of arthritis, eczema and other skin conditions, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, many neurological conditions, etc.

-Urinalysis - We offer different types of urine chemistry testing: Routine UA for quick assessment of kidneys and bladder; Toxic Urine Challenge for identifying what heavy metals you are not properly detoxing or are particularly laden with; Iodine Spot Test for assessing deficiency of iodine, an extremely important nutrient for the health of the thyroid gland, breast tissue, the uterus, and every cell of the body.

-Hair Testing - This is a quick, painless way to assess mineral and heavy metal content of your body. It is recommended to be used with other body chemistry testing like blood and urine.

-Personal Health Analysis - This is a full spectrum assessment of your overall health based on blood, hair, urine, and any other body chemistry results, used in conjunction with your medication usage and an in-depth health history questionnaire. All information is synthesized into a 12-15 page report, providing dietary and lifestyle changes, improving any and all health struggles. Click here for more info.

-Heavy Metal and Halogen Chelation Therapy - We use body chemistry testing or Applied Kinesiology testing to identify specific heavy metals or halogens toxic in your body. We then use homeopathics and oral chelators, both natural and synthetic (chlorella, cilantro, EDTA, DMSA) to detoxify your body. This improves the function of all organs, muscles, and even brain function.